If you are in the business of fleet management, you would know that fleet management is no easy task. We at OrbitTrack gives you the tools and systems to make this easy for you. With our tools you can track the location of your fleet vehicles from anywhere around the world. It helps your business by

  • Lowering fuel expenses: When you can track the location of your fleet at all times, you will be able to optimize fuel consumption by maximising the routes and preventing frauds.
  • Route optimisation:  Tracking the geolocation of your fleet also helps to plan the best / optimum routes for trips, which will help you save time and money.
  • Driver’s accountability: Driver’s can be made accountable using real time GPS tracking. It makes sure that your fleet vehicles are not used by the drivers for other side jobs.
  • Reports: With our systems you can create detailed accurate reports which will help you plan and optimize your fleet and reduce costs.

There is usually a resistance in adapting GPS Fleet technologies, mainly due to the

  1. Fear of cost: Orbit Track GPS Fleet Tracking systems will pay for itself by helping you reduce your cost drastically. Our experts can help you with the projections of how soon your investment can turn into profits for your business
  2. Adapting to  Technology: Businesses may think managing GPS Fleet Tracking systems  requires high level of technical expertise and is quite complex. OrbitTrack GPS Fleet management systems  are easy to setup and use. The software associated with the system is user friendly, customisable and easy to understand. Our hardware systems are easy to install and comes tested and activated.

Look no further for your ideal Fleet Management solutions. We have more than a decade of experience serving several industries ranging from Construction to Delivery Fields by providing quality product and quality service at an affordable price.

We will match your business needs with the right system, so that you can manage your business, your time and your job performance with a reliable system that you can trust.

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